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Feb. 14th, 2013

9 Lives Book Reviews: Format

In the interest of professionalism and keeping this blog up to certain standards, I’ve been thinking of ways to improve the general format and running of this, my online journal and, at current time, personal website. I’ve been trying to figure out fun, new ways of doing writing updates to keep them more frequent and simultaneously including more outlets for other literary-related posts.

The first enjoyable new idea for this blog comes in the form of reading updates! With each new semester comes a slew of new books to read, such is the fate of being an English major. Outside of the semester I still have shelves upon shelves of books I have read and want to read. It stands to reason that I should try to organize at least some of my thoughts on these books….right? So! I’ve been working on a new format and as always, I look for punny new ways of introducing it. With a name like Cat I can’t help but look for fun little plays on words.

9 Lives Book Reviews by Cat

9 cats

Oh, I know! It’s just so terrible it’s good, right? That’s the title for future book reviews or updates on what I’m reading. I’ll be judging books on a few different categories including:

  • Characters - Static or Dynamic. The amount of three dimensional characters versus flat or filler characters. The depth to each one and of course, how difficult it is for me to find a favorite character. Characters are extremely important to me as a reader. Are they more important than the plot? That’s hard to say and I think that varies for each reader and certainly each novel. Characters make me care about the plot and the way I learn of it through their eyes. If the characters are good, the chances are great that I’ll enjoy the book.

  • Plot - The overall story AND the progression of that story. How many plots are there in a novel? Does each character have their own or are they all working together toward one unified goal? Included in this is the emotion the plot and its characters draw from me. Was I thrilled or saddened at the events that happen in the story? If the plot can evoke anything other than disappoint in me, that’s good! I love being angry or sad by a good, solid story!

  • Pace - Does the story have a noticeable lull at some point? Do I ever hit a spot where I’m waiting for something to happen? When that point is over, am I satisfied in waiting for the result? There have been a few novels where I was disappointed and grew bored of certain parts, almost putting them down because of lost interest. It’s important for a book to keep me interested and there are multiple ways to do that.

  • Predictability - It’s no real shame that many books have somewhat predictable plots. This happens in books of any genre and it would be in poor taste to point out one type of book more than another. Sometimes you just know that the hero is going to end up with the heroin or it was secretly the butler all along. My problem is when I can’t enjoy the predictability of it. If it’s so formulaic in its format that I can’t even enjoy knowing the inevitable parts. Although it’s also great when I can’t predict what happens in a book, when there are so many variables and options that nothing I can think of even comes close to what actually happens.

Sounds exciting, right? I think so! I’m anxious to do my first book review in this format. When summer returns to me, I’ll also be taking suggestions on books to read as well so that I can diversify my library.


Feb. 11th, 2013

Current Projects

This is the page you can use to navigate between updates for the various projects I am working on. While I know it is probably best if I focus on one book at a time, my brain doesn't always agree and thrives to give me ideas for various stories at any given point. Here are short summaries of what I hope each book or book series will be and the links to peruse the updates for those books

Sons of the Bloodline
Updates Coming Soon

Currently Untitled "Space Pirates"

Updates Coming Soon

Currently Untitled "Centaurs."
Updates Coming Soon

Feb. 9th, 2013

About Cat

248184_10150186682561229_813196_nThe Semi-Awkward, 3rd Person Introduction

Catherine "Cat" Mealer was born in Glenmora, La, an extremely small, rural town on the outskirts of central Louisiana. She lived there with her older brother, Chester Jr., and sister, Cassie, , who are 10 and 9 years older than her respectively, and her two parents, Chester Sr. and Margaret. She grew up in a household where both her parents worked full time, her father working as an over-the-road truck driver, a job which kept him away for several weeks at a time and generally only allotted for 3-4 day visits in between those weeks. Her mother, Margaret, worked for Pizza Hut 40+ hours a week, mostly evening shifts when she wasn't forced to pull doubles. Having two siblings so much older than her it was easy for them to be assigned the roles of babysitter and substitute parents when the situation required it. 

Thus Cat was raised by two extremely hard working parents, a brother with an intense love for computers, chess, and science fiction, and a sister with an equally intense love for theatre, books, and everything out of the ordinary. Cat's father is now happily retired and spending time with their family, her mother worked her way through college and now grad school all the while raising an eccentric but functional family and currently works as the manager of the Boyce Branch Library in Boyce, La. Cat's sister and brother are both happily married with spouses who embrace all of their many quirks. 

Cat is currently reaping the benefits of her unusual family and is studying English at LSU-Alexandria wherein she gets to combine all of the many loves she was raised with including, science fiction, computers, books, theatre, and a lust for writing. She now resides in Alexandria, La and when she isn't working her part time job to pay her bills, she can be found spending time with her boyfriend or her pug, both of whom are very supportive of her. 

The Probably Equally Awkward 1st Person Introduction:

Hello! As you just had the chance to read, my name is Cat, never Catherine, and I am an aspiring author. I'm currently working my way through my Bachelors in English at LSU-Alexandria and I am on track to graduate with said degree in Fall 2013. I am an avid reader and literary enthusiast. My family has always been extremely supportive of each other's education and we live to debate and discuss all sorts of topics with each other. It is no surprise to anyone who knows us that we all have highly active library cards, personal libraries, and e-readers as well. I am open to reading any genre of novel but I thrive in fantasy or science-fiction settings. Currently in school I try to keep a background in studying psychology so I am a monster, a truly horrible person when it comes to doing character studies. However I think that my intense study of what motivates other fictional characters helps me in developing my own. 

Although if we're being honest, most of the time the characters like to run off on their own track instead of the one I have paved out for them. I prefer not to think about what that says about my mind or theirs. 
This is much closer to my normal expression than the first photo shown. The first one was a ploy in the interest of professionalism. If you've made it this far in this post then I already consider you ensnared in web of extraneous commas and verbose phrases

My interests range all over the spectrum in everything be it books, television, music, politics, movies, and right down to my taste buds. I can with confidence say that my wardrobe consisting of shades of grey and black, said though it may be, is probably the only constant interest in me. My desire for writing comes from a long-standing interest in everything in the creative world. I've dabbled in painting, traditional and digital, sketching, sculpting, designing, photography, writing in the form of short stories, poetry, and articles for school newspapers, and even a bit of music when I was part of the drum line in high school and bass player for the short lived local garage band, "After Hours." I'm not sure if I'll ever settle on just one outlet but writing and the opportunities it presents, the chance to reach out to younger generations with my own desperate cries for helping the world, are the most tempting. Books can be so passionate and eloquent and inspiring that I hope we never lose value of the importance of the literary word. 

My family is a wonderful support system for my desire to write, always providing me with the motivation I need and often times the appropriate slap upside the head. My boyfriend, a wonderful man whom I've been involved with for 3+ years now, also supports me in everything I aspire to do. 

If you are interested in contacting me then you may email me at, message me on here, or contact me on my twitter which is linked on the side.